Dimora del Vicolo

Archivio Vasconi

The photographs inside of the apartments comes from Vasconi’s archive. Three generations of photographers who operate from more than 100 years  in Cernobbio and on Lake Como. Three generations with the real passion for photography. A wonderful historical photo archive that preserves the history of Como and Cernobbio: passing by portraits of guests at Villa d’Este, to Luchino Visconti in his home on the lake. Piero Vasconi was dean and founder of the dynasty.  In the early years of the 900 he opened the studio in Cernobbio, followed by his son Antonio Vasconi born in 1935, who for 50 years has made photographic services at the most prestigious ceremonies in Italy, Europe and the United States of America. Antonio Vasconi is national president of the Italian photographers Photographers Confartigianato Rome. The story continues with Piero Vasconi born in 1969, who followed his father and grandfather. In the last 15 years he has traveled all over the world creating photo shoots in Cuba, Mexico, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand, USA and Malaysia. Since 2007 he is the owner of the photo studio “The Vasconi” and continues the centuries-old tradition . The Vasconi family is part of the history in Cernobbio famous in all Italy and around the world.

To buy or have information about the artworks exhibited in the apartments visit  Vasconi studio in Via Regina 36 with the coupon attached and you’ll receive a special discount.